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Plan Ahead

  • Transfer your bank accounts.
  • Make a thorough list of what must be moved, taking care to include attic storage, lawn furniture and garden supplies. If large appliances are to be moved, special preparation may be necessary.
  • Get more than one estimate from moving companies. If you can move yourself, you may realize a substantial savings.
  • Plan your travel itinerary. Make transportation and lodging reservations in advance and leave copies with a friend.
  • Utilize a Post Office change of address kit for magazines, insurance companies, the Dept of Motor Vehicles, credit cards, national and alumni organizations, church, friends and relatives, stores and your past employer for W-2 forms.
  • Make arrangements for your local credit bureau to transfer your credit file, if necessary, to have a credit history available in your new home town.
  • Request medical records from physicians, dentists and opticians.
  • Obtain all school and immunization records for your children's transfer. Contact your new school principal about your upcoming move.

One Week Ahead:

  • Make sure electric, gas, telephone and water services are disconnected & a forwarding address is left. Discontinue newspaper delivery & garbage collection.
  • Check on personal items that might need to be picked up, such as shoe repair, alterations, small appliance repair, photos, jewelry, layaway purchases, fur storage and dry cleaning.
  • Make arrangements for transporting your plants & pets.
  • Have the car serviced for the trip.
  • Consider purchasing moving insurance. Your mover's liability for lost or damaged goods will not equal their replacement cost. Take special care to properly insure antiques, art & heirlooms.

Last Minute:

  • Save the phone book form your former city residence for tying up loose ends for future correspondence.
  • Gather all important papers (birth certificate, deeds, wills, passports, etc.) to take with you personally.
  • Discard all cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, paint or other flammable items that could leak or explode in transit.
  • Pack an arrival kit of necessities you think you may need in case you arrive before the movers.
  • Consider purchasing traveler's checks for your trip. Have a certified check or cash ready for the movers. They will not unpack at your destination without payment.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

  1. Basic Text Ad With Link = $10.00 per month + one time $15.00 setup = $25.00 total 1st month
  2. Website Screen shot = $20.00 per month + one time $30.00 setup = $50.00 total 1st month

Get Listed here.

Do I Need To Have A Website To Get Listed?

No, we offer 2 types of listings, a text ad with your company and contact info or a web ad with the screen shot of your website. You can also use a business card. However, we can create a professional mobile website for the Middle Georgia area at if you want a website.

How Long Does It Take For My Listing To Appear?

After we receive payment and info, we take your listing info, scan your business card or visit your website to take a screen shot, then add your info to the appropriate category. This process usually can be completed the same day but can take from 24-48 hours.

What If My Category Is Not Listed?

While we've tried to list all of the popular "Service Related" industries, we might have missed a few. Contact us at 478-922-8979, chances are we'll just add a category to fit your "Service Related" business.

Can I Add My Own Listing?

In order to maintain the quality of the listings, the rate for the listings and our positioning in the major search engines, we restrict access to our website to our technicians.

What Size Do I Get With My Listing?

You get all of the sizes you see listed on this website.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We are able to accept all major credit cards through Paypal. The payee will be listed as "affordable website"' the parent company and owner of the website.


Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1: Check the SERVICE categories to see if your company is already listed.

Step 2: If Not Listed, Contact us at 478-922-8979 to submit your company info to be listed.

Step 3: Select your listing option here and we'll take it from there.


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